Fluid works for a number of large companies and organisations in Scandinavia where customer data plays a leading role within their marketing. We have experience within several industries such as retail, finance, telecommunications and FMCGs. Please contact us if you want a detailed case presentation.
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Data management partner for the world’s largest burger chain

McDonalds Nordic bases part of their sales on 1:1 communication with their loyal customers. As a consequence the chain has made a strategic decision to centralise critical customer data from many different data sources in one single, integrated data solution.

Outsourcing an independent data foundation with Fluid means that McDonalds’ many different communications partners can easily access the right data in real-time for the purpose of campaigns, apps and promotions, in order to drive sales the restaurants with individualised messages. Across all platforms, channels and touch points.

Data security was a key factor in choosing Fluid as their data management partner. Customer permissions are now well managed and Nordic data storage has been structured for easy data origin authentication – and only the right users can access the right data. Fluid monitors the data 24/7, and quickly attends to any problems.

McDonalds in Scandinavia has achieved an effective, long-term data solution in an important part of their sales effort. The effect of each new activity is immediately measured and integrated in the future strategy.

Fluid has enabled us to begin the journey towards a CRM strategy, because each customer now has a unique ID that is handled in a shared data environment.

Kajsa Dahlberg
Head of Media & Digital at McDonald’s Sweden

Fluid drives the development of the biggest Nordic club concept

Liberoklubben has become the biggest loyalty and sales driving club concept in Scandinavia, meeting club members in all relevant touch points. Liberoklubben has contributed to SCA/Libero’s present position as the market leader in the Nordic markets.

As the strategic data management and CRM partner through more than 10 years, Fluid has supported the digital development of Liberoklubben to become one of the biggest club concepts for parents with small children. The core of the club is an integrated data environment that centralises and automates the loyalty program including management of the points system and intelligent member communication on a personal level – across all platforms, channels and touch points.

As our strategic CRM and data partner, Fluid has ensured that the club builds on a strong data foundation. They have contributed to driving our development, so we can stay ahead of the market.

Camilla Svensson
Regional Marketing Manager
Libero Nordic & Baltics

Strategic data solution keeps the Danish Defence in step with the young

The Danish Defence wanted to improve efficiency and targeting of their education recruitment. Young people are notoriously demanding super-users and first-movers within digital media – in other words, a serious communication challenge with virtually moving targets.

Fluid created a strategic data solution with numerous automated processes, in order to handle the complex real-time, multi-channel data streams involved in the recruitment tasks. This means that the Danish Defence is now able to interact in a flexible, individual and truly interesting way with their audiences – at the exact right time and place, so that the right young people apply for the right educations.

A strong, independent and outsourced data foundation has provided the Danish Defence with a long-term solution that allows them to keep up with the young via new campaigns, apps, activities and events. At the same time Fluid supervises that data is always correctly structured and stored.

We are in touch with the young – wherever they are.

Marianne Pii Behrens
Head of Recruitment