We deliver the foundation
for tomorrow’s marketers

Become Compliant with GDPR

Manage your permissions and data rights in one central place. A flexible and scalable solution.

  • Comply with GDPR
  • Manage permissions, consent, context, duration
  • Data rights


Connect with the full and secure API for all interactions.

Collect permissions, data request and changes real time from unlimited sources and all channels.

Use Permissions across systems real time or desired frequency for marketing and sales purposes.

Manage and administer permissions, preferences and sources.


Give customer service access to your customers permission profile for a smooth customer service.

Marketing and IT has control of  profile data, data requests and permission changes on specific customers.


Clean up your database based on specified business rules.

Simple overview of executed rules and the effect.

Housekeeping secures your compliance with GDPR.

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Single Sign-on

With Single Sign-on your customer can log-in across touchpoints. Convert unknown visitors into known loyal customers.


Connect and gather all customer data through API’s.


Administrate user rights and access.

A strong data foundation enables growth and value creation via stronger customer relations

Our technologies

Fluid is Scandinavia’s first truly technology-neutral solution. We allow our customer’s individual business targets and technical reality to set the rules for an independent and future-oriented data foundation, which communicates smoothly across platforms, technologies and touch-points.

We have delivered solutions for mobile applications, websites, CRM and ERP systems, cloud-based dashboards, social media, campaign management software and customer-developed business systems, such as SAP, Microsoft CRM, EPI-Server, Unica, Facebook, Android, GoodData and our customers’ own business system.

Our solutions are created in an Oracle base environment with application development in .Net and real-time integration via for instance JSON API’s.


Get access to 200 years of experience

Fluid is 25 dedicated specialists under one roof. But we are also 25 different people who are simply very good at working together to create measurable value for our customers. We have a solid understanding of our customers’ business needs – because between us we have just over 200 years of hands-on experience with running data environments for the largest companies in Denmark and Scandinavia.

Campaign execution

Fluid can offer to handle your campaign executions. Over a period of several years Fluid has developed dialogportal – a cloud-based, multi-channel campaign tool that enables cross-channel and cross-media customer interactions. Dialogportal also provides effect measuring and analysis tools and currently services a large number of Nordic companies and organisations.