Data Management for intelligent,
real-time marketing

Create single view of your customers

Modern marketing is data-driven

Customers are demanding personalized, connected experiences – real-time access to customer data and insights is key. Single customer view enables brands to better understand and engage with their customers by knowing who they are, and what they want.

Fluid can help you create a single view of your customers. Not in a large, difficult to manage data warehouse, but in an agile, simple and secure customer data hub accessible from any touchpoint in real-time.

Single Customer View:
The barrier to overcome

For many brands, the lack of real-time access to a single view of customers is the number one challenge for optimizing customer experiences across touchpoints. Some of the main problems that brands are looking to solve are:

  • Insufficient and/or poor quality of customer data
  • Lack of integrations to and between marketing technologies
  • Siloed organizations, decision-making and budgets
  • Big, complex and time-consuming project

A single customer view does not create standout customer experiences alone. Customer insight and personalized content is also required. However, you may have best content, but if you can not connect with your customers in real-time there is room for improvement.

Put your customers in front and center

As consumers increasingly prefer to search and shop online, brands can no longer compete on product, price and place alone. Brands must compete on customer experience, embracing customer privacy and transparency to drive engagement and sales.

Fluid can help you overcome the barriers of creating a single view of your customers enabling you to connect to the anytime, anywhere customer.










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