IBM Watson Marketing

Designed to put the power of data in the hands of the marketeer


IBM Watson Campaign Automation

Personalized campaigns powered by Watson

Customers want personalized experiences no matter where or when they connect. IBM Watson Campaign Automation is an industry leading digital platform that provide these capabilities in channels like email, web, mobile and social.
Use profile and behavioural data from any source. Measure performance and gain valuable insights. Unleash Watsons’ cognitive capabilities. With IBM we can help you deliver the personalized experiences that customers want and value!
Fluid is an IBM Silver Partner. Therefore we provide onboarding and professional services. Our approach is data management, and we know how to connect data from all channels, device and applications into your campaign automation platform.
Software Alone Isn’t The Answer

Use data and AI to drive customer-first strategies

Data has changed everything
Customers are using multiple channels, therefore leaving a trail of behavioural data as they move along their journey from touchpoint to touchpoint.
Fluid can help you collect and use customer data from any channel, devices or application for personalization within IBMs Campaign Automation platform.
AI will change everything
IBM was an early and aggressive adopter of AI to improve overall customer experience and engagement – from marketing to commerce and supply chain.
With Watson Campaign Automation, the power of cognitive helps you deliver smarter, highly personalized campaigns that increases conversion and loyalty.

Data-Driven Marketing Made Easy

IBM Univeral Behaviour Exchange (IBM UBX)

IBM UBX is a cloud-based data integration platform that seamlessly connects your marketing ecosystem. It enables customer behaviour and identity data to flow freely across your technology stack.
Connect with IBM Watson Campaign Automation to gain a holistic, real-time view of customers. Know your customers from the first encounter to every interactions along the journey. Use data to increase conversions and loyalty with personalized messaging in the right channel, at the right time and place.
See why IBM is a leader in AI-powered marketing clouds

Design & Automate

Deliver consistent cross-channel experiences for email, mobile, web and social that convert at a higher rate

Cognitive Analytics

Understand and report on customer behaviour to make better marketing decisions while driving deeper customer engagement

Faster Time to ROI

Connect your marketing ecosystem and stay agile with a scalable, cloud-based platform that integrates with your customer sources and tools

IBM Watson Analytics

Understand the what, why and how of customer behaviour

Watson Analytics can tell you who your customers are, what they are doing, what they want and how and when to reach them. Use these insights to create personalized experiences that drives higher engagement, conversions and loyalty.
Enjoy the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity. Use Watson Analytics for data discovery, automated predictive and cognitive analytics. Create dashboards and infographics to easily share insights and to take confident actions based on valuable insights.
Let Fluid help you set-up and integrate Watson Analytics into your customer applications.
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