MailChimp Connector In Rubiq Cloud

By 10. december 2018november 10th, 2020Rubiq Cloud

MailChimp Connector allows you to connect and integrate Rubiq Cloud with Mailchimp, enabling real-time integration of customer profile, preferences and consent data between the two platforms.

This article explains the basics of the Rubiq Cloud MailChimp Connector.
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The MailChimp Connector allows you to:

  • Synchronize any profile from Rubiq Cloud to MailChimp instantly in the following areas:
    • New profiles synchronize as soon as they are created in Rubiq Cloid.
    • Any updates on a profile are mirrored to MailChimp.
    • Deletion of a profile in MailChimp may trigger an update or a removal from a list in MailChimp.
  • Alter data in MailChimp in response to consents given or withdrawn in Rubiq Cloud:
    (The same for alter data in MailChimp in response to preference opt-in or opt-out in Rubiq Cloud.)

    • Update field in MailChimp.
    • Add to list or remove from.
    • Set or remove tag.
  • Respond to events in MailChimp using automated web hooks that trigger action in Rubiq Cloud.

All of the above synchronization schemes are easily configured using point and click in the Rubiq Cloud user interface, and no code is required.

If you want to mirror all of your profiles in Rubiq Cloud to MailChimp automatically, so that any new profiles are automatically created in MailChimp, and any updates/deletions are equally mirrored.
Furthermore, if you like that consents given in Rubiq Cloud, automatically sets a certain tag in MailChimp, and that the same tag is removed, in case the consent is withdrawn again.
Should the user decide to unsubscribe from your mailings using the unsubscribe link in MailChimp, you would like MailChimp to notify Rubiq Cloud about the change and have Rubiq Cloud revoke the consent.
Moreover, you want to present a set of preferences for them to customize the communication and would like any preference updates in Rubiq Cloud to automatically set or remove tags in MailChimp.

At Fluid, we offer solutions such as Rubiq Cloud, which help you to control consent across channels, no matter how big your company is.

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