Helping you connect to the
anytime, anywhere customer

Consultancy, data and campaign management
for intelligent real-time marketing

Delivering standout customer experiences is the new competitive imperative. Customers are switching between multiple channels and devices quickly. They are impatient, expect relevancy, and every journey is unique. Fluid helps you connect to the anytime, anywhere customer providing seamless and secure access to customer data in all touchpoints.

Permission Management

Connect with your customers

Manage customer identities, profiles, preferences and consents in all touchpoints. Increase registration and conversion rates, while securing GDPR compliance.

Data Management

Create single view of customers

Integrate customer systems and applications, gain insights, and get real-time access to customer data. Decrease infrastructure costs, and secure data governance.

Campaign Automation

Personalize customer experiences 

Design and automate personalized campaigns and interactions in all touchpoints. Optimize continuously to increase revenue and loyalty using artificial intelligence (AI).


Connect and Create Single View of Customers

SasS platform for managing customer identities, profiles, preferences and consents.
Built for small and medium enterprises, operating under the GDPR.

IBM Watson Marketing

Personalize Customer Experiences

Unleash the power of AI with IBM Watson Campaign Automation to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
Designed to put the power of data in the hands of the marketeer.

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