Permission Management

Connect with your customers

Turn privacy and transparency into
a competitive advantage

GDPR has changed the game giving customer control over their data. Brands must adapt to convince customers to share their data. Privacy protection and being transparent about how, what and why data is collected is key. However, customers will withdraw their consent if you do not deliver what they want in return – personalized, connected experiences.

Fluid can help brands turn privacy and transparency into a competitive advantage by providing customers with an easy and user-centric access to manage their profiles, preferences and consents – data that can be accessed in real-time to create personalized experiences in any touchpoint.

Knowing who your customers are and what they want

Understandably GDPR had most brand focusing on legal compliance as May 25th 2018 arrived. That is why they have not harvested the full marketing potential of the new legislature.

Some of the main challenges that brands are looking to solve are:

  • Being able to identify and connect with customers and leads across touchpoints, online and offline
  • To offer user-friendly access for the customer to manage their profiles, preferences and consents
  • Getting real-time access to a single customer view of customers across touchpoints

Customer transparency and privacy represents an opportunity to build trusted, meaningful relationships enabling brands to increase registration rates and conversions.

Putting customers in charge of your communication

Let your customers tell you what they want, when and how they want it. Combine their expressed preferences with their actual behaviour to create a customer experience that improves your numbers – from consideration and evaluation to purchase, retention and churn.

Fluid can help you build and manage customer profiles, preferences and consents in RubiqCloud – data you can access in real-time from touchpoint.








Connect and Create Single View of Customers

SasS platform for managing customer identities, profiles, preferences and consents.
Built for small and medium enterprises, operating under the GDPR.

IBM Watson Marketing

Personalize Customer Experiences

Unleash the power of AI with IBM Watson Campaign Automation to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
Designed to put the power of data in the hands of the marketeer.